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Improve your home effortlessly with our smart system, adjusting settings as you move around. Sensors monitor occupancy and temperature, while automation handles lighting and more when you're away. Control everything from your phone or tablet, with comprehensive post-installation support included. Enjoy a hassle-free setup and ongoing maintenance for your smart home.


Upgrade your outdoor space with automation for effortless control of various elements. Manage pool lights, pumps, and filter operations, regulate garden irrigation, adjust outdoor blinds, control perimeter and security lighting, operate outdoor audio-visual equipment, and enhance water features.


Enjoy a seamless and convenient outdoor living experience with these automated solutions.

Art Of Smart outdoor lighting and living space
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Smart audio-visual


Gifford's Electrical integrate state-of-the-art automated and networked audio-visual entertainment systems into smart home designs, from indoor and outdoor smart televisions to fully integrated internal and external high-definition audio.

Using state-of-the-art and weather-resistant audio-visual technologies from industry-leading manufacturers gives you the freedom to control, command and split your smart home audio-visual systems from a central control or your remote smart devices.


Control your curtains, shades, and window coverings with ease using smart shade controls. Manage them remotely through your smart home control system or your mobile device. These controls contribute to your home's temperature regulation and energy efficiency by allowing you to adjust coverings to keep heat out in warmer months and retain warmth during colder times. Our range of smart shade control solutions provides flexibility, enabling you to open or close window coverings whether you're at home or away.

Smart Shade Control
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Smart home theatre


Enjoy a movie night like never before with smart home theatre systems. Experience a top-notch cinema atmosphere in the safety and comfort of your home, all effortlessly controlled through your smart home system. Gifford's Electrical can integrate features like large-scale smart screens, 4K projection systems, retractable smart projector screens, Atmos surround sound, optimised streaming service integration, and more for an exceptional home theatre experience.


Enhance your family's safety with cutting-edge smart security technology that goes beyond traditional systems. Smart security features advanced cameras, alarms, and access control for comprehensive protection. With smart home security, you gain the ability to view camera footage remotely 24/7, monitor intercom camera and audio from anywhere, control door locks remotely for authorized access, and manage alarms and lighting, providing a complete and convenient security solution for your home.

Smart security and intercoms
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Smart wired and wireless networks


In the era of the internet, our lives have undergone a significant transformation, and a robust home network is essential for maximizing the potential of your smart home and personal devices. Optimize your home network to enhance entertainment experiences, stay seamlessly connected, and ensure reliable access to remote work systems. Gifford's Electrical stands out as the choice for wired and wireless home networks, offering strong and reliable Wi-Fi signals, an extensive internet service range for all devices, and the convenient operation of all connected devices and utilities. Trust us to elevate your home networking experience.


If you're having problems with your smart home system, Gifford's Electrical can help. Our team of experts offer System Rescue services to fix your system, even if we didn't install it. We can assist you without drawings or documentation. Don't let a poor installation ruin your dream of a comfortable and convenient home. Contact us today to restore your system to its full potential.

System Rescue
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